Here is our original guest book, which first went on-line on July 5, 1998 and went off-line on December 27, 1999, when it was retired and replaced with our first message board.  Below are the guest book entries from 1998Skip ahead to the entries from 1999.

Name: Cam
Date: 7/5/98


Looks good buddy. The laser pics turned out very nice. Got yourself Badlands yet? Talk to you soon, Cam.

Name: Joe Ross
Date: 7/6/98


Cool Site!  You really did an excellent job. 

Name: Doc
Date: 7/6/98


The site looks awesome! Looks like someone has been busy redesigning.

Name: John Hamilton
Date: 7/6/98


Hey Jeff, Nice site. It's been so long since I've seen some of these laser disc games. You really brought back some great memories for me. Keep up the good work!

Name: Robert Redditt
Date: 7/6/98


Cool site, I must admit.  laserdiscs were truelly way ahead of their time! Too bad that some less intelligent gamers couldn't quite grasp the concept. Hopefully we will be graced with new lasergame releases in the future :)


name one your site. Well, I just wanted to say that you've done a great job in keeping these games alive. Thanks!

Name: Mike Fischer
Date: 7/6/98
Time: 11:35:14 PM


Hi Jeff. I would just like to say that your site it great. I was a big fan of Dragon's Lair when it was out. I haven't seen one since,... that is till today. Just looking at the picture of the game brought back some fond memories! Great Job!

Name: John Johnson
Date: 7/7/98
Time: 7:29:05 PM


I'm really impressed with The Dragon's Lair Project, especially the Thayer's Quest page. I really enjoyed this game in arcades, and had the pleasure of playing the home version, and haven't seen or heard a thing about the game since they disappeared from arcades in the late '80's. Of the various Dragon's Lair sites I've visited, this is the only one I've found which includes coverage of Thayer's Quest. I can't wait to get my hands on Reaches and Shadoan so I can finally find out how the story ends!

Thanks Jeff! John :-)

Name: Mike Vergona
Date: 7/7/98
Time: 10:12:11 PM


Hey Jeff, Great site. I want to thank you for putting this page up for everyone. I though Dragon's Lair was gone forever. Now, after reading your site, I found out that I can get it for my PC. Thank you!

Name: Jay C
Date: 7/8/98
Time: 6:32:54 AM


I was here :) Nice site! I like the DL pages....

Name: Robert Koller
Date: 7/8/98
Time: 9:24:03 AM


Nice Site Jeff!!!!!! You did a good job. We need more like this!

Name: Joey Calzone
Date: 7/8/98
Time: 10:45:29 AM


Man, this site is awesome. You da man jeffy-baby.

Name: Jason Bidwell
Date: 7/8/98
Time: 11:23:30 AM


Great Site! Nice graphics. I also have a Dragon's Lair that is being restored and it needs the side art decals. Do you have any ideas where I could start looking to find a set? Is there a way I could get a high-resolution scanned image of one? (so I could have it reproduced as a decal for my cabinet) By the way, I can't figure out why the draw-bridge scene is skipped on my machine. He automatically goes straight into the castle.

Tanks -=> Jason

Name: jamie cotton
Date: 7/9/98
Time: 4:20:16 AM


Great site ( I'm a dedicated fan too / by the way do you know where i can get a listing of all the correct moves for dragons lair and space ace ?

Name: Charlie Saratovsky
Date: 7/9/98
Time: 4:19:43 PM


Hey Jeff, Nice site. I remember Dragon's Lair like it was yesterday. I was about 16 when it came out and I remember going to the arcade everyday to play it. I also remember Thayer's Quest. I was never really good at it though. I actually forgot about Thayer's Quest until I saw the 

Name Joe Ross
Date 10/17/98 1:53:53 PM
Favorite Game HyperSports
Comments Great Site...and heck of a guestbook! ;-)

Name Jeff Kinder
Date 10/17/98 2:17:51 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments Welcome to the guestbook!

Name Anthony Stevens
Date 10/17/98 2:37:10 PM
Favorite Game Space Invaders
Comments Great Site!

Makes me want to start collecting games :-)

Name John Peterson
Date 10/18/98 8:59:41 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments Great site Jeff. Dragon's Lair was my all time favorite game. You site has brought back so many great memories. Keep up the great work!!!

Name todd r. emmerson
Date 10/19/98 10:02:16 AM
Favorite Game Dragons LAIR!

Name D. Neal Leeper
Date 10/19/98 1:27:02 PM
Favorite Game Space Ace, Cliff Hanger, and Cobra Command
Comments Excellent site!

Talk about bringing back memories... Thank goodness for the DVD players and some of the old games!

Name David Melis
Date 10/19/98 5:57:19 PM
Favorite Game M.A.C.H. 3, Dragon's Lair
Comments Excellent, excellent site! Thouroughly enjoyed all
the info and pictures! Dragon's Lair definitely holds
a special place in my memories of childhood. I was
only 10 years old in '83 and could not believe my eyes
when Isaw it for the first time. A

Name David Melis
Date 10/19/98 6:02:32 PM
Favorite Game M.A.C.H. 3, Dragon's Lair
Comments Anyone who wants to e-mail me about laserdisc
games, especially M.A.C.H. 3 and info concerning the
computer rendered Dragon's Lair can reach me at
"dmelis @ hotmail . com" Go ahead.

Name Jim Terrell
Date 10/19/98 6:20:22 PM
Favorite Game Esh's Aurunmilla, since I haven't seen it yet
Comments I really like this page. Now if there were only a way to get those video files on here. . . .

Name Michael Sullivan
Date 10/20/98 1:18:28 AM
Favorite Game DL, DLII, Space Ace
Comments Hey Jeff!
Glad to see your guest book is up! Thanks for the link you've given Jim And i, you site really rocks! Just got correspondace from Don Bluth's Brother James, cool eh? He wants to put me as a link on his site. I am working on getting Gary

Name karsten Weber
Date 10/21/98 3:25:17 AM
Favorite Game Dragon`s Lair I & II and Space Ace
Comments Great Web-Site !!

I am a big fan of Don Bluth movies and games and I really enjoy
this Site !
I like the cool picture galleries.

Name M. X. S.
Date 10/23/98 4:44:16 AM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments It feels good and looks awesome. If you should have information about the PC conversions, drop me a line.

Name Admir
Date 10/23/98 6:55:36 PM
Favorite Game X-man vs. street fighter
Comments would you send me the codes for Cliff Hanger (silvestor stalone)
for sega genesis on my email,because i couldn;t find them on internert.
thank you!

Name Ice n Cyberstorm
Date 10/24/98 11:55:37 AM
Favorite Game Tomb Raider
Comments So far I hav'nt seen much about the dragons lair project but it looks pretty good to me.

Name Paul Dietz
Date 10/24/98 3:52:11 PM
Favorite Game Space Ace
Comments Used to own Dragon's Lair Space Ace but the collection took up the entire dining room so I sold both for $300. Never made it to the end of either one. I must be a dunce.

Name Andrea
Date 10/25/98 4:03:44 PM
Favorite Game no doubt: dragon's lair
Comments Many compliments for restyling your site. I've been watching since 1996 and now it's great.
Wonderful; i've ever loved laser disc games based. I bought many computer ported version but only the original laser disc meets my heart.
thank you for rememberi

Name James Brock
Date 10/25/98 7:34:15 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair, Cliff Hanger, others are Mrs. Pac Man, Dig Dug
Comments Loved it! I've been looking for the PC version for a long time of the old laser games.

Name Derek Collins
Date 10/30/98 8:00:05 AM
Favorite Game Cliff Hanger
Comments Man, what you have is a wonderful sense of what gaming is all about. These games and more importantly the people who created them are the true essence of the adventure a GOOD game can take you on.

Name anders svensson
Date 10/30/98 5:08:10 PM
Favorite Game space ace,dragons lair,pittfall2
Comments a very good site for us who love the old classic arcades like space ace and dragons lair.
I t really made me feel nostalgic and very happy

Name jason cieciwa
Date 10/31/98 11:37:53 AM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair and Dragon's Lair 2
Comments I have been a huge fan for years and I love your site


Name Jim Staal
Date 10/31/98 4:12:24 PM
Favorite Game dragon's lair
Comments I love this game. played when I was a kid!! Still love it now. I was wondering where can I get a copy of the first one. I have the second one. Maybe even if I can get ahold of the real arcade that would be great!! please drop me a line!!

Name Brian Hurguy
Date 11/1/98 4:03:52 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments I love the site. I can't wait to see those video clips when you get them on here. I'm still searching for an arcade w/ Dragon's Lair. I haven't found one yet. Visit my site at

Name Brian B
Date 11/6/98 11:44:42 AM
Favorite Game twisted metal 2
Comments THanks lots of good info!!

Name Daniel Crotty
Date 11/7/98 3:47:13 PM
Favorite Game Many games, Cliffhanger being one of them.
Comments Great page, enjoyed seeing the shots of cliff and remembering the game. Wish I had the game. Have cd from readysoft with the game Dragon's Lair, enjoy playing it too. Wish I could find one with cliff hanger.


Name Edwin Flores
Date 11/7/98 4:29:30 PM
Favorite Game dragon's lair
Comments best game I ever play.

Name Matt Karlowsky
Date 11/9/98 12:44:11 PM
Favorite Game Vay (Sega CD)
Comments Man, you are one devoted fellow... I am a huge fan of Dragon's Lair, and it is good to see the game has not quite died yet... BTW, you're cabinets look very nice, ever worked in the industry?

Name shanna brewer
Date 11/10/98 3:15:15 PM
Favorite Game dragon's lair
Comments it is a cool game and fun to play. it has cool pictures and cool moves too.
i think the one who invent this game is so cool and very smart. i would like to know this person and talk to him/her someday.
well have fun playing bye all.

Name Alan Pinion
Date 11/10/98 9:33:38 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments Great site! I loved playing the original DL, Space Ace, DLII , and Cliff Hanger. DL was always my favorite. I will be spending a lot of time here. Keep up the good work.

Name Alan Roth
Date 11/11/98 11:34:38 PM
Favorite Game SPACE ACE
Comments We had one arcade when I was a kid and it's far gone now.I played CLIFF HANGER ,DRAGONS LAIR ,and SPACE ACE years apart from each other .I never knew there were so many laser disc games .Your site is the best I've come across so far.THANKS! It's great I'l

Name Jussi Kauppinen
Date 11/13/98 3:38:40 PM
Favorite Game  
Comments Great that someone remembers the Good old games... Great pages allmost put tears in my eyes

Name Dante Stewart
Date 11/13/98 6:28:40 PM
Favorite Game Ms. Pac-Man
Comments Very Informative! Like the pictures along with the history!

Name Eric Robson
Date 11/16/98 3:35:57 AM
Favorite Game Space Ace
Comments *whistle* Very nice page. About time someone put together a nice conglomerated source of this info. I've been dying to own my own Space Ace since I was, like, a toddler. Someday, I guess. A bit of trivia for anyone who doesn't know, but Cliff Hanger

Name Eric Robson
Date 11/16/98 3:38:59 AM
Favorite Game Space Ace
Comments ...was totally ripped from the best animated feature of all time, "Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro." (It sucks dubbed, though.)

Name Brad Van
Date 11/17/98 2:32:09 AM
Favorite Game Too many to list here
Comments I want to come over to your house! You are so lucky to have all of those great games! I'm working on my collection right now and I am looking for a Cliff Hanger, and maybe Dragon's Lair, or Space Ace (but the Don Bluth titles are comming out on DVD, so I'

Name Grandpa Gordo
Date 11/17/98 3:16:00 PM
Favorite Game Dragons Lair 2
I think that the game is pritty good.

Name bruce
Date 11/18/98 6:24:18 PM
Favorite Game dragon's lair!!!!!!!!!
Comments i am addicted to the trio or so of interactive cartoons like the LAIR ..please e mail me anything-------
it took me back 15 years when i saw the dvd of dragon'd lair and space ace, the images kept secret from me for 15 years..a time capsule to my soul!@

Name Ted Walker
Date 11/19/98 10:50:27 AM
Favorite Game Dragons Lair
Comments I LOVE Dragons lair!!

Name Shawn
Date 11/19/98 1:55:20 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments This is an awesome site! Keep up the great work!

Name brendon zeidler
Date 11/19/98 9:20:07 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments I love the site. SWEEEET! I'm a huge laser collector myself. Hey, everyone...I will by all your laser game stuff for TOP DOLLER! Contact me

Name Jay Gallagher
Date 11/20/98 8:40:11 PM
Favorite Game Space Ace
Comments Cool site. Lots of info and pics on some rare laser games. Good job on all the research on the laser stuff!

Name Jared
Date 11/22/98 2:13:52 PM
Comments I scrolled through the entire guestbook and found not a single Thayers fan!!! I defy every single one of you who does not recognize the incredible genius that IS Thayes Quest!! I suppose you all are simply mindless drones in a sea of ignorance and mediocr

Name Bill Smith
Date 11/22/98 10:00:16 PM
Favorite Game SPACE ACE
I collect laser disc games :-)

Name Lance B. Bowman
Date 11/23/98 5:33:08 AM
Favorite Game Spaceace!
Comments At last! Someone else who loves the laserdisc games of the 80's!
Nice page:)

Name G Sapp
Date 11/23/98 6:50:38 PM
Favorite Game do i have to say??
Comments because of seeing this web site on my brothers computer i had to go out and buy a whole system just to buy this game and relive an old memory.
this might hurt to hear but i've had to see the special cabinet of space ace go up in flames some years ago w

Name Kevin A Sadler
Date 11/24/98 5:51:06 AM
Favorite Game Haven't got one yet
Comments Just visiting. Impressed with the audio I tried. A good job you are doing. Keep it up

Name Dith
Date 11/25/98 6:04:46 PM
Favorite Game Track & Field
Comments I downloaded your whole site and will be checking it out again when I finally get around to making my own cabinet.

All the best,
Track & Field advanced playing tips at:

Name Still Remains
Date 12/1/98 6:01:11 AM
Favorite Game Space Ace
Comments I absolutely love your site!! It brings back fond memories of what an arcade really was!! Chock full of outstanding games, and as always a huge crowd around Space Ace or Dragon's Lair. Keep up the good work!!! Oh, not sure if ya know this but your sounds

Name d1++
Date 12/1/98 9:09:16 AM
Favorite Game space ace
Comments this is a very very very good page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name Dave Taylor
Date 12/2/98 11:32:12 PM
Favorite Game Dragons Lair (duhhh)
Comments Pssst..hey bud...wanna buy some contra-ban Dragons Lair Decals???

Name Chuck Swartz
Date 12/4/98 12:30:41 AM
Favorite Game Heroes of Might and Magic II (PC)
Comments Great sight! It's good to see there are still fans of the old laser disc games out there. I have Space Ace on CDROM but can't get it to work on my AMD K6 computer. It used to work on my old 486 but now just locks up when I try to run the game. Any ideas?

Name Larry Hokaj
Date 12/4/98 12:31:55 AM
Favorite Game DL
Comments Great Site! And for all you Mac users, there's hope. I
Just found my Mac copy of DL the other day!

Name Thayer
Date 12/4/98 4:05:24 PM
Favorite Game hmmm..... Manic Miner? *grin*
Comments Hey - I love Dragons and my name is Thayer.. hmm.. do we see alink here? Except I am tall blonde and female as opposed to the brown haired boy you have one Thayer's Quest. Wanna know more? Visit

Cheerio kiddies!

Name david grater
Date 12/5/98 1:12:59 PM
Favorite Game astron belt
Comments I too loved playing dragons lair. I did buy dragons lair for the commodore 64, and it sucked the graphics were so cheap.

Name Adam Ansorge
Date 12/6/98 5:55:27 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments I liked your site a lot!

I'm finishing up my career at Mason Gross School of Visual Arts, and I wanted to do stuff in animation.
What got me going in the direction of animation was Dirk the Darring and his hapless adventures through the Dragon's Lair.

Name Oscar Villarreal
Date 12/6/98 10:19:36 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments Excellent!!!

Arwen Telford
Date 12/7/98 4:48:49 AM
Favorite Game  
Comments I think you have a wonderful idea but you should try includ a few more dragons to the scene!

I hope to be able to see more of this GREAT site.

Name Ryan Mooers
Date 12/12/98 2:09:05 AM
Favorite Game Don Bluth games/Tron games
Comments Hey Jeff. Your page is coming along awesome. I can't think of a reason for there to be another Dragon's Lair site on the net besides this one. However, I'm surprised to see that you haven't gotten a picture of the DL movie poster up yet. The page seem

Name Trish and Mike
Date 12/12/98 1:21:09 PM
Favorite Game All of them
Comments This is an awesome page,the gallery is the best!

Name Fabio Pancaldi
Date 12/14/98 10:40:12 AM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Esh's, ... ... ...
Comments I really like this site, mostly of all my Italian
DL page! :):):)

Name John
Date 12/14/98 10:10:03 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair and Space Ace
Comments Found your website after doing a search and I am very impressed! I am glad some people like yourself have devoted some time to building a site like this. Dragon's Lair meant so much to me as a child of 8 in 1984. I have found memories of saving my allowan

Name Luke Roan
Date 12/17/98 6:07:29 PM
Favorite Game  
Comments I just found your site. Thanks! It's been a long time
since I thought about Dragon's Lair. I used to be able
to finish the game with my eyes closed in front of an
astonished crowd at a bowling alley in Phillipsburg, NJ
I actually skipped lunch to h

Name Tim Pederson
Date 12/17/98 6:54:12 PM
Favorite Game Tecmos Decetion
Comments I really liked the set up and I even remember the cartoon. I always did wonder what happened to it.

Name Garrett Ramy
Date 12/17/98 8:32:00 PM
Favorite Game Dragons Lair
Comments Cool site! Thanks for the info and wonderful memories of a thirteen year old boy who would drop his last quater in the machine to make high score.

Name R Winn
Date 12/18/98 9:02:18 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments Dragon's Lair totally rocks!

Name Yves Rodier
Date 12/19/98 12:45:55 AM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair (of course!) and Tomb Raider
Comments I, too, have long dreamed of owning a Dragon's Lair original arcade game. I was 15 when it came out end it blew my mind away!!! I bought the Amiga versions that came out around 1989 and in 1994, the CD-I version. I am very happy with that last version, my

Name m dismuke
Date 12/19/98 11:36:30 PM
Favorite Game dragons lair
Comments thanks for your effort on this site i have been a fan of the game since the early 80's.

Name Brett Jones
Date 12/20/98 10:23:35 AM
Favorite Game dagons lair

Name Steve W. Gonzales
Date 12/21/98 3:30:16 PM
Favorite Game Dragon's Lair
Comments Thanks Jeff for your superb efforts on this wonderful website! I have always loved this game like you did. I just wanted to say thanks again to you for having this site available to people like me. I'm very greatful for you!!


Name N\A
Date 12/22/98 3:04:27 PM
Favorite Game Warcraft2
Comments This site's pretty cool.

Name Evan Williamson
Date 12/23/98 12:34:52 AM
Favorite Game Bega's Battle (the coolest thing I've ever seen)
Comments The Dragon's Lair Project has to be about the -second- coolest thing I've ever seen. (eagerly awaiting the video clips)

keep up the good work!!!

Name Bill Nessanbaum
Date 12/30/98 5:06:46 PM
Favorite Game Crime Patrol II: Drug Wars (ALG)
Comments Found this site while looking for used game LD's. I Hope this site will help me find some.

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