Written by Doug Jefferys

1.0) Introduction

"Welcome to hell..."

1.1) You Will Need:

1.2) General Tips:

1.3) Laser Safety:

1.3) Disclaimers:

2.0) Removing the covers:

"Hell with the lid off!"

OK, you've read all the way through the document, you understand the procedure, you understand the risks (both to the laserdisc player and to your eyesight), and you're still crazy enough to try it. Unplug the player and set it up on your workbench. It's time to go to work.

2.1) Side panel:

2.2) Front panel:

2.3) Lid:

2.4) Top cover:

2.5) Objective lens strap:

2.6) Optical deck cover:

2.6) Cleanup:

3.0) Making The Diagnosis:

"Sticky mirrors?"

Nothing to do in this section, but plenty to look at.

3.1) Laserdisc basics:

3.2) Magnets:

3.3) Mirrors:

3.4) Diagnosing the problem:

4.0) Removing the Optical Head:

"Some disassembly required..."

4.1) Remove the Connectors:

4.2) Remove the Objective Lens:

4.3) Remove the Clips:

4.4) Remove the Shaft:

4.5) Remove the Optical Head:

4.6) Replace Shaft and Clips:

5.0) Getting at the Mirrors:

"Beware of mallets..."

5.1) Anatomy Lesson I:

5.2) Before you begin:

5.3) Remove the Mirror Assemblies:

6.0) Removing the Mirrors from the Housing:

"...the mother of all mallets..."

6.1) Anatomy Lesson II:

6.2) Before you begin:

6.3) Untwist the tab:

6.4) Push the mirror partially out of the housing:

6.5) Mark magnet polarity and mirror alignment:

6.6) Push the mirror the rest of the way out:

7.0) Regluing the Magnets:

"even more mallets..."

This is the most critical section of the repair. Read this whole section several times through before you begin. Rehearse it in your mind until you have a feel for what you're going to be doing, when you're going to be doing it, and how long it'll take.

Be sure to have clean, dry hands before starting this section.

7.1) Remove the magnets:

7.2) Clean mirror and magnet surfaces:

7.3) Mix the epoxy:

7.4) Glue magnet to mirror and screw up:

7.5) Glue magnet to mirror the right way:

7.6) Let stand overnight:

8.0) Putting it Back Together Again:

"...and all the King's horses and all the King's men..."

OK, now that we've reglued the magnets to the mirrors, it's time to "undo" all the disassembly work and put our player into testable condition.

8.1) Mirrors back into Housings:

8.3) Remove Fingerprints:

8.3) Mirror Assemblies back into Optical Head:

8.4) Reassembly for Testing:

8.5) Unplug the Player:

8.6) Eyeball Calibration:

9.0) Rough Calibration:

"...never look into the beam with your remaining good eye..."

OK, we think we've got it pretty-much aligned. Time to put it to the test.

9.1) Fire it up:

9.2) Observations:

9.3) Rough Tweaking:

9.4) Video Tweaking:

10.0) Fine Calibration:

"...homing device attached..."

OK, so now you've got something that's fit for watching movies on Saturday night, but there's a big difference between smoothly sliding through a disc, one frame at a time, and the frenzied track-to-track jumping that Firefox demands.

10.1) Firefox Test Mode:

10.2) Firefox Game Mode:

10.2) Congratulate Yourself:

11.0) Reassembly and Reinstallation:

"Ice up a cold one, I'm comin' home..."
Whoops, you forgot all those chunks of plastic covering, didn't you? Well, put 'em back on before you're done.

11.1) Optical deck cover:

11.2) Objective lens strap:

11.3) Top cover:

11.4) Lid:

11.5) Front panel:

11.6) Side panel:

11.7) Regression Test and Final Installation:

11.8) Ice up a cold one:

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