Esh's Aurunmilla - Owners Manual - Not available
Esh's Aurunmilla - Schematics - Not available
Esh's Aurunmilla - Audio Cable Pinout
Esh's Aurunmilla - DIP Switch Settings (On Screen Programming)
Test button is located behind the coin door.  Keep test button pressed while turning on the game to enter test mode.  You can choose the various options using the joystick and confirm an update by pressing the action button.

Esh's Aurunmilla - ROM Images
Esh's Aurunmilla - ROM Images (Alternate 1)
Esh's Aurunmilla - ROM Images (Alternate 2)
Esh's Aurunmilla - ROM Images (Level 7 Game Over bugfix - made in 2017)

Esh's Aurunmilla Virtual Library - Images and information of the major components



Compatible Laserdisc Players - Pioneer LD-V1000

Pioneer LD-V1000 - Operating Instructions (7 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000
- Interface Guide (24 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Service Manual (incomplete) (28 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000
- Schematics (27 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Cleaning optics (1 page)
Pioneer LD-V1000
- Changing laser tube (3 pages)

Conversion Cards - LaserAce will let your laserdisc game use a variety of different laserdisc players.  Unfortunately these cards are no longer in production, but might still be found on eBay or the D-L-P Classifieds.



Interchangeability - Interstellar Laser Fantasy can easily be converted into an Esh's Aurunmilla by following the steps outlined below by Matteo Marioni and Brendon Zeidler:

Remove the Interstellar main PCB (set of three boards), and the laserdisc from the Interstellar cabinet.  Esh's Aurunmilla uses the Sound PCB, the Super Impose PCB, and all the same wiring that is in an original Interstellar cabinet.  Be careful when hooking up the Esh's PCB to the wiring of the cab.  Interstellar uses two black harness connectors but only one is used by the Esh's PCB.  You need to use the black harness connector that carries most of the wiring (it's a little bigger than the other connector) and you should insert it with the red wire (+ 5V) on the right side.  Pin 1 of Esh's connector is GND and pins 3 & 4 are +5V so be careful before hooking it up.  If you are not sure which wire is +5V on the Interstellar wiring harness, a DC voltage meter may help.  The 6 pin connector on Esh's PCB on the right, labeled "CN 1" is the "PCB generated audio output"  It goes into the "CPU IN" audio connector on the Interstellar sound board.  Finally, connect Esh's PCB to the LD-V1000 and install the Esh's disc.

LD-V1000 Boot Switch - A simple inexpensive way to build a switch that issues a play command to your LD-V1000 or LD-V1001Check it out here.

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