January 11, 2002

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Digital Leisure Inc.

Apple Computer First: Previously Unavailable Classic Video Games Now Released For Mac By Digital Leisure

Dragon's Lair, Space Ace and Timeless Laserdisc Games Able to be Enjoyed Nationwide by Macintosh Users

GORMLEY, Ontario, Canada - January 11, 2002 --Digital Leisure announced today that seven of the company's hit arcade titles for DVD Video including Dragon's Lair, Space Ace and Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp are now Mac compatible. The latest Mac Operating System, version 10.1, enables fans of these much-loved titles to enjoy these classics for the first time at home.

In addition to the titles listed above, Digital Leisure will also feature the world's first holographic video game - Hologram Time Traveler, the Sega arcade classic that debuted in 1991 - in a version that plays on Apple computers. Created by legendary game designer Rick Dyer, Hologram Time Traveler will join Dyer's latest game creation Shadoan, a fantasy-based action adventure title in which the hero must journey through a land filled with danger as he seeks to recover the five pieces of a magical amulet in order to defeat the evil wizard Torlock and rescue the beautiful princess Grace Delight.

But Dyer is best known for his work in co-creating the revolutionary arcade classic Dragon's Lair with former Disney animator Don Bluth. Having been played by more than a quarter of a billion people throughout the world, Dragon's Lair is one of only three games on display at the prestigious Smithsonian Institution. Bluth, whose most current film credits include Anastasia and Titan A.E., also collaborated with Dyer on Space Ace and Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp and the vibrant animation showcased in all three of these titles maximizes the Mac's strong visual capabilities.

Video game enthusiasts will have fond memories of timeless American Laser Games, now available for Apple computers: Mad Dog McCree, where players have to be quick on the draw in order to rescue the Mayor and his daughter of the sleepy town you're sworn to protect. Mad Dog McCree features live action video and sound and is enhanced by true Western scenery. Or prowl for clues as a private detective in the classic murder mystery Who Shot Johnny Rock. Mumps, Measles and Lockjaw Lil are among your prime suspects in the case as you navigate through the back streets of Chicago, gaming halls, funeral parlors and unsavory sections of the city. Gather clues to Johnny Rock's safe combination and bring in the killer while taking care of gangsters that get in your way. Watch your back though... or you'll end up a corpse... just like Johnny Rock in this classic gangster who-done-it.

These seven games that redefined the video game industry are available throughout North America at major retailers including Electronics Boutiques.

"Timeless classics never go out of style, and as Mac fans ourselves, we wanted to ensure that these ground breaking adventures could be enjoyed by those with Apple computers," said David Foster, general manager of Digital Leisure. "It's exciting to be able to introduce these games that we feel so passionate about to Apple computer owners because we anticipate an entirely new generation of game players to feel the same enjoyment as we did when we first played these games we loved so much in the arcades. "

Digital Leisure is a leading publisher of interactive DVD titles. The company acquires and remasters existing video-intensive titles that would benefit from the superior video and audio quality of DVD.

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