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DRAGON'S LAIR ON RECENT TELEVISION - A Dragon's Lair arcade game made an appearance (with mention) on the TV show "The Goldbergs" on April 29, 2014, during the episode "The Age of Darkness", apparently set in 1984.  Although as it turns out, the characters were lucky enough to be playing a game that had's own Dragon's Lair Enhancement ROMs installed, more than 15 years ahead of the software's time!  (posted by Dave Hallock 04.30.14)

GEOFF EDWARDS - The host of the game show Starcade from 1983 - 1984 died on March 5, 2014.  He was 83 years old.  Multiple episodes of Starcade during those years were dedicated exclusively to laserdisc games.  Edwards' genuinely taking interest in all of the arcade games featured on the series notably added to the production.  (posted by Dave Hallock 03.06.14)

BREAKTHROUGHS IN STAR RIDER EMULATION EFFORTS - Daphne emulator developer Matt Ownby has broken new ground with recent work to add support for the game Star Rider.  Made possible largely in part by an overall increase to the emulator's accuracy that will benefit all of the supported games, the challenges that have hindered the progress of emulating Star Rider in the past are now being readily overcome.  See more info and videos of work in progress.  (posted by Dave Hallock 02.20.14)

COBRA COMMAND FOR COLLINS PROJECT SUCCESSFULLY DELIVERED! - On Saturday, November 16th, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV, Leslie M. Collins became the world's newest Cobra Command owner.  His life-long dream has been fulfilled.  More details to come...
(posted by Dave Hallock 11.17.13)

MANUFACTURER OF DRAGON'S LAIR SLOT MACHINE POSTS OFFICIAL RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT - Cadillac Jack reveals its multi-bonus video reel adaptation of the legendary arcade game Dragon's Lair.  Players will experience never before seen animation from the renowned animator Don Bluth, four energizing bonus games, and four rewarding multi-level progressives.  Cadillac Jack slot machines are almost exclusive to Native American gaming, and are not currently found in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.  More details, discussion and images are posted in our forum(posted by Dave Hallock 11.12.13)

CALIFORNIA EXTREME 2014 DATES ANNOUNCED - The 18th year of California Extreme will once again be held at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, CA on July 12th & 13th, 2014.  This annual event includes several hundred coin operated video games, pinball machines, and other novelties you once found in arcades and game rooms across the world.  It's two days that celebrate this exceptional entertainment medium, featuring tournaments, speakers, parts vendors, and an opportunity to play games you may not have seen for years.  The entire 22,500 sq.ft of exhibition space is once again reserved and will be packed!  Check the D-L-P Forum discussion of CAX 2014(posted by Dave Hallock 11.02.13)

COBRA COMMAND FOR COLLINS PROJECT NEARING COMPLETION - With thanks to the contributors of the Indiegogo campaign that secretly began in March 2013, Project Coordinator Brad Oldham has posted a video of the game cabinet in operation!  Now fully playable via the Daphne emulator running on the Raspberry Pi, the team is hoping for delivery within the year.  (posted by Dave Hallock 09.05.13)

What is the best way for a laserdisc game, or laserdisc-style FMV / QTE game to prompt or guide a person through playing the game?

Real-time graphic overlays reveal every action
Video-based directional flashes for every action
Occasional video-based directional flashes
Non-directional prompts for correct timing only
Correct action revealed in hindsight after failure
No prompts - Actions should be logically noticable

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