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DRAGON'S LAIR COMES TO THE TI-99/4A COMPUTER - Software developer Mike Brent has licensed Dragon's Lair for release on cartridge for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A produced in 1981.  His new hardware design for the cartridge, as well as some uniquely crafted software, allow this TI computer to play the video for the entire game at a resolution of 192x128 with 15 colors at about 9 FPS and 13khz audio, which would have dropped jaws in the mid 1980s, and is now primed to become the most impressive home version of Dragon's Lair on any machine from the pre-CD-ROM era, considering its full game content.  The game's release is scheduled for early 2019 with a production quantity of up to 100. (posted 22 Dec 2018)

ALG MULTIROM / DEXTER COMPATIBILITY - The ALG MultiROM board by LaserCon, which allows users to switch between American Laser Games ROMs with a control dial instead of swapping ROM boards, is now compatible with the Dexter laserdisc replacement.  Eight different American Laser Games laserdisc images can be loaded onto a Dexter player, and the ALG MultiROM board can now automatically switch Dexter's laserdisc image to the correct game when the user selects a different ROM, instead of needing to use the Dexter Manager.  See the demonstration video posted in our forum. (posted 05 Apr 2018)

DRAGON'S LAIR FEATURED IN NETFLIX SERIES - A Dragon's Lair arcade game makes an appearance in the first episode of the second season of the Netflix series "Stranger Things", set in late 1984.  The main characters huddle around the cabinet and play the game; however, the on-screen game footage was poorly integrated into the scene.  The game action was filmed separately from the cabinet and the actors, as tight closeups on a non-original monitor.  The bad editing of these video clips leaves a big sense of detachment from the rest of the arcade scene and the inability to suspend disbelief that the characters are actually playing. (posted 10 Dec 2017)

DRAGON'S LAIR PROJECT TURNS 20 YEARS OLD!! - On August 25, 2017, the Dragon's Lair Project website celebrated its 20th anniversary on the internet.  The site, originally titled "Project Dragon's Lair", went online on August 25, 1997.  It started out as a single page with ten pictures showing the restoration of a Dragon's Lair cabinet.  Within a few weeks, a couple more pages were added as the site's popularity began to grow.  Twenty years later and over seven million visitors, the site is the largest laserdisc gaming website in the world.  Special thanks to all who were involved over the years. (posted 25 Aug 2017)

NEW DEXTER FIRMWARE - An important update to the Dexter firmware is now available (for all games) which addresses an inherent bug that affects the composite video output signal on all Raspberry Pi 2 boards and improves Dexter's overall video quality, clarity and sharpness.  While mainly aesthetic, the improvement also constitutes a significant advancement in the ongoing efforts to make Dexter compatible with the game Star Rider, which relies heavily on the integrity of the video signal for its operation.  The update is strongly recommended for all games and can be applied to Dexter's USB drive with the Dexter Manager software. (posted 13 Aug 2017)

DRAGON'S LAIR II ENHANCEMENT ON MERLIN-DX / DEXTER - The most complete version of DL2E is now available.  The DL2E software brings Time Warp to the Cinematronics laserdisc arcade cabinets as was planned in 1984.  New to this version, the alternate scene that was omitted from the 1991 DL2 laserdisc is now realized through the use of the Dexter laserdisc replacement.  This also marks the third distinct game selectable for play in the Merlin-Dx multigame sytem. (posted 01 Jul 2017)

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