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TAITO LD GAME COLLECTION FOR NINTENDO SWITCH - Taito is set to release the Taito LD Game Collection for Nintendo Switch to the Japanese market on December 14, 2023. It is an HD remastered version of the three games Time Gal, Ninja Hayate, and also, in its first-ever home port, Space Battleship Yamato (a.k.a. Star Blazers). The special edition will have a collection of materials that includes a Blu-ray disc, download codes for extras, and other collectibles. The reservation period is from July 11-12, 2023. The normal version is priced at ¥9,680, and the special edition is ¥19,580. (posted 07 Jul 2023)

"VERSION 1" TERMINOLOGY ADOPTED FOR EARLY DRAGON'S LAIR PCB - The first Dragon's Lair main PCB has no revision marking on it, and we at D-L-P.com have realized that the only reason we, the laserdisc gaming community, have been referring to this PCB as "revision A" is because its schematic drawing is revision A. But the revision of the drawing is irrelevant. (The schematic for the PCB marked revision C is drawing revision K.) It's more likely that PCB revisions A and B were unreleased developmental steps towards adding support for the LD-V1000 laserdisc player and solving problems with the 4Mhz clock. We have updated this website to change all mentions of a "revision A" (Rev. A) PCB to a "version 1" (v1) PCB for technical accuracy. The three known USA Dragon's Lair / Space Ace PCBs: version 1, version 1 revision C, and version 2 revision A, per their on-board markings, are pictured in the Virtual Library. (posted 29 Mar 2023)

HI-TECH CONVERSION CARD IS NEARLY SOLD OUT - The conversion card that upgrades the laserdisc player in Dragon's Lair and Space Ace games to the Sony line of players is nearly out of stock after 23 years. Seven units still remain available from co-creator Joe Rovito at the original $199 price, which has never been increased. Check the Hi-Tech Conversion Card page for details on the card, ordering information, and the interesting plans for its future production after selling out. (posted 13 Mar 2023)

COMEDIAN AND STAR OF LASERDISC GAME GALLAGHER'S GALLERY DIES - Comedian Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr. has passed away at the age of 76. Gallagher got his start in the mid 1970s performing prop/sketch comedy. His signature sketch was a pitch for the "Sledge-O-Matic," a large mallet that he used to smash a variety of items. In 1992, American Laser Games created the game Gallagher's Gallery, where you shoot at things Gallagher tells you to and then try to stop him from smashing watermelons with the Sledge-O-Matic in the final round. Despite having health issues, Gallagher continued to perform his stand-up routine into the early 2020s when the COVID-19 pandemic forced him to stop. (posted 11 Nov 2022)

WEB-HOSTING COMPANY INAP DITCHES CLIENTS - From Sep. 28 - Oct. 10, 2022, the Dragon's Lair Project website was offline, following the dismal failure of the hosting company Internap Holding LLC (INAP), whose response to a ransomware attack was to immediately and permanently abandon the multitenant hosting business and their clients' data losses. Service termination notice.
All messages ever posted to a dynamic message board / forum at this website are now lost, along with users' account data. All static website content online at the moment of the attack has been reinstated to a new server solely by the site's creators. Please resend any email that you sent to the domains @dragons-lair-project.com or @d-l-p.com between Sep. 28 - Oct. 10, 2022. (posted 10 Oct 2022)

SPECIAL GUESTS AT TOON CON 2022 - Toon Con welcomes four laserdisc game guests among their impressive lineup this year at the Pasadena Convention Center in California, USA on October 9, 2022: Don Bluth (Borf), Lorna Cook (Kimberly), Jeff Etter (Ace), and Dan Molina (Dirk). (posted 23 Sep 2022)

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