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Move Difficulty:

Sw 7 Sw 6 Sw 5 Sw 4 Difficulty
Off Off Off Off 1
Off Off Off On 2
Off Off On Off 3
Off Off On On 4
Off On Off Off 5
Off On Off On 6
Off On On Off 7
Off On On On 8
On Off Off Off 9
On Off Off On 10
On Off On Off 11
On Off On On 12
On On Off Off 13
On On Off On 14
On On On Off 15
On On On On 16

This setting determines the difficulty of the moves
in the game by opening or closing the "WINDOW"
that these moves can be made in.
Setting 1 is the easiest and setting 16 the hardest.

Service Mode

Sw 12  
On Enabled
Off Normal

Switch Test

Sw 13  
On Enabled
Off Normal

Free Play

Sw 14  
On Enabled
Off Normal

Unlimited Lives

Sw 15  
On Enabled
Off Normal

Attract Mode Audio

Sw 17  
On Sound Disabled
Off Sound Enabled

Play Short Scenes

Sw 18  
On Short Scenes *
Off Normal

* Removes parts of some scenes where no action appears.

Buy In Feature

Sw 19  
On Buy In Enabled
Off Buy In Disabled

Coin Switch Settings 

Sw 20 Sw 21 (Left Chute)
Off Off 1 Coin 1 Credit
On Off 2 Coins 1 Credit
Off On 3 Coins 1 Credit
On On 4 Coins 1 Credit

Sw 24 Sw 25 (Right Chute)
Off Off 1 Coin 1 Credit
On Off 2 Coins 1 Credit
Off On 3 Coins 1 Credit
On On 4 Coins 1 Credit

If both coin chutes are adjusted the same
for multiple coins, credits will increase as if
dropped in the same chute.

Lives Per Game

Sw 28 Sw 29  
Off Off 3 Lives
On Off 4 Lives
Off On 5 Lives
On On 6 Lives

Hanging Scene

Sw 30  
On Hanging Scene Enabled
Off Hanging Scene Disabled

Score & Lives Over Animation

Sw 32  
On Yes
Off No

Display Hints

Sw 33  
On Yes
Off No

This hint tells player if next move is
an action button or joystick move.
Should be used when game first set and
players are not yet familiar with the game.

Should Have Hint

Sw 34 Sw 35  
Off Off Never
On Off 1
Off On 2
On On 3

In this mode, a hint telling player what he
should have done appears after the 1st, 2nd,
or 3rd time the player fails at move or not at all.
Operator may want players to know mistakes
so not frustrated in learning game.
Later this hint should be set to "NEVER".

NOT USED:  Sw 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31


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