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Micromania - Issue #75 March 1994


English translation

Alex de la Iglesia has always been a fan of video games. When producer Antonio Gallardo proposed that Alex make an FMV shooter, he didn't think twice. He affirms that the CD-ROM is a true blast: "the animation surrounds the player in such a way that he believes everything is really happening. On the other hand, the amount of memory allows you infinite possibilities."


Marbella Vice is nothing serious. On the contrary, you are going to laugh so much while you are playing that you are going to get killed a lot. With a cast like this one, this is not surprising: Alex Angulo, Santiago Segura and Catherine Fulop are the main protagonists. The plot -which you may have already imagined is a satire of the television series Miami Vice- revolves around the hunt for a dangerous drug lord named Amin Shala. After inserting coins, you will appear at the Marbella police station, where the first greeting is given by your partner, Alex Angulo, alias Bengy, an authentic Spanish Sonny Crockett, who tells you that you are his "damn" partner on patrol. He has bad manners -he is accustomed to entering clubs not with a pass but with a punch-, but he is a great cop and an excellent partner. It turns out that this Amin Shala is going to arrive at Marbella, and this must be stopped at all costs. After shooting his limousine, you meet a true beauty named Labios -the stunning Catherine Fulop-, who will finally end up falling in love with Alex Angulo. Throughout the adventure, you will have to keep an eye out for thugs trying to send you to your grave in all sorts of places: discos, casinos, speedboats, cars, roller coasters, etc.

The video game is an action marvel; the player barely has time to watch the footage because the bad guys appear in almost every corner. And to top it off, there is an added problem: if you kill an innocent, say your own partner, a bystander, or a woman, then the commissioner, a spectacular Santiago Segura, who has nothing to envy from Edward James Olmos, will take care of you in a very unorthodox way. The press, named "The Voice of Marbella" will take charge in criticizing you for your actions.

On the other hand, and this is to be expected considering Alex de la Iglesia's involvement, the production values are top notch. The 30 million dollar budget is put to good use with tons of helicopter and speedboat explosions, car chases, and luxury settings galore. All the stunts were done by Hollywood-type professionals. The resemblance of Marbella's beaches to those of Santa Monica would fool anyone into thinking this was an American-made production. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was produced here, an authentic "Made in Spain" to be proud of.

According to Alex de la Iglesia, the production was very similar to that of an action movie. "Regarding the script and the filming -says Alex-, the only thing different is the elaboration and design of the many game options." As for the duration of the video game, "about half an hour if you manage to get to the end alive." Technically speaking, the player shoots at the screen image, and it "depends on whether or not the laser emitted by the pistol registers in the right place -Alex comments- if you kill the enemy or the enemy kills you." In the case of the PC version, the crosshairs will be controlled by the mouse cursor. Alex can't stop praising the CD-ROM technology, and he is already thinking about his next project.

As you can see, there's no excuse now for not buying a CD-ROM for your personal computer. Playing Los Justicieros or Marbella Vice is almost better than going to the movie theater to watch a cop movie. Why watch Schwarzenegger or Stallone when you can be the protagonist yourself and surely do much better? The release [in Spain] of the PC CD-ROM versions of these games is planned for November this year.

IMAGE CAPTION: With this arcade game from Picmatic, you will not only experience the strong emotions that Alex de la Iglesia has in store for you, but you will even live a Marbella romance with Catherine Fulop.

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