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On March 22, 1997, I picked up my first Dragon's Lair machine. After a few months of searching, I finally found one. The only problem was that it was in Virginia, and I'm in New Jersey. I said to myself, "Well, it can't be that long of a ride." Let me tell you, those words crossed my mind after the 4th hour of driving, the 5th hour, the 6th hour, the 7th hour and the 8th hour. But after 8½ hours, we made it there, picked up the game and left for home. My poor girlfriend had to ride the whole way back with the laserdisc player on her lap. Anyhow, after 17 straight hours of driving, we made it back home and everything worked.

The cabinet was described as having "a little water damage". I would say that this baby was left out in a hurricane. The entire bottom of the cabinet was rotted away. It was completely gone and replaced with pieces of plywood. The top and the bottom of the cabinet were also replaced with very warped plywood. I don't have any pictures of the way it was before I started, but you can see in some of the pictures below how bad this cabinet was.

I decided to build a brand new cabinet using black melamine. It took two sheets of this wood and a total of about 40 hours, spread out over a month and a half to complete. I know the next cabinet will take half the time :) As of right now, Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, Thayer's Quest, and Super Don Quix-ote are playable in this cabinet. All in all, it was a very fun and rewarding experience.

The first side
comes off for
New sides
getting all the
The transfer
of all the
power supply
and other stuff.
Monitor is now
transferred and
front panel is
in place.

The rotted
The final
it's standing!
It killed me
to throw this

From the back. Finished...
well almost.


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