The 8th Annual D-L-P Gathering at California Extreme 2007
San Jose, California - August 11 & 12, 2007

California Extreme (CAX) is an annual celebration of coin-operated video games, pinball machines, and other novelties you once found in arcades and game rooms across the world. It's two days that celebrate this exceptional entertainment medium, featuring tournaments, speakers, parts vendors, and an opportunity to play games you may have not seen for years. This year, there were over 430 games!!

This year's gathering was very special because August marked the D-L-P's 10th anniversary!!!!!! Over 20 D-L-P-ers were in attendance and helped celebrate 10 years of laserdisc game collecting, 10 years of friends, and 10 years of the Dragon's Lair Project!!! Below are a few pictures from this year's event.


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Laserdisc games at CAX 2007
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Jeff Kulczycki looks on
as chip plays
Road Blaster
Daphne Developer Team
members Matt Ownby,
Warren Ondras, & Brad O
Matt Ownby playing
Space Ace
Dave Hallock plays
Freedom Fighter while
Kris Sandrick watches
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The D-L-P breakfast
(picture taken just before chip tries to give the waiter his room key) :)
The back of Kris Sandrick,
Anthony Gallagher, and
Warren Ondras
Kris Sandrick's interesting
LED shirt which actually
IMG_0770.jpg (165623 bytes) IMG_0772.jpg (115916 bytes) IMG_0769.jpg (118380 bytes)
An emergency repair on Super Don Quix-ote Doug Jefferys,
Jay Gallagher, and
Tony M. Victorino
Jay Gallagher
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Miscellaneous pictures from the weekend
The D-L-P Group Photo

Back Row (From Left): Jeff Kulczycki, Morgan Beckman, BZ, Doug Jefferys, Jay Gallagher,
Matt Ownby, Brad O, Warren Ondras, Leslie Collins, Anthony Gallagher
Front Row: Steve Hertz, Jeff Kinder, Tony M. Victorino, Dave Hallock, chip Sbrogna,
Desert Hawk (standing), Damon Claussen, Kris Sandrick


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Jeff, Tony, and Steve help set up for the show
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Warren and chip arrive
that night after the work
was done
Jeff pointing out where
Steve Hertz can suck it
Jeff and chip in an intense
game of Guitar Hero
Freedom Fighter
09.jpg (425093 bytes) 10.jpg (424380 bytes) 11.jpg (547124 bytes) 12.jpg (343520 bytes)
Super Don Quix-ote
Jeff Kulczycki, Warren
Ondras, and chip Sbrogna
Everyone getting ready for
the group photo
Anthony Gallagher
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Tony, Matt, Damon,
and chip
Dave Hallock
playing D2K
Walter Day after chip set
the world record on
Road Blaster
The guys hanging out in
the D-L-P office


09.jpg (230182 bytes) 20.jpg (222694 bytes) 03.jpg (181398 bytes) 05.jpg (207194 bytes)
Cliff Hanger and
Freedom Fighter
chip Sbrogna holds world
records on both Road
Blaster & Cliff Hanger
Some of the D-L-P crew
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BZ and Morgan Beckman Dave Hallock Kris Sandrick Doug Jefferys and
Tony M. Victorino
10.jpg (171760 bytes) 11.jpg (319777 bytes) 14.jpg (220188 bytes) 15.jpg (216533 bytes)
Dave, Tony, Jeff, and
Jeff pointing out where
Jay Gallagher can suck it
The D-L-P Saturday night dinner
16.jpg (217792 bytes) 17.jpg (204619 bytes) 18.jpg (217746 bytes) 19.jpg (185041 bytes)
D-L-P crew playing lots of Guitar Hero all weekend long
22.jpg (310492 bytes) 21.jpg (259755 bytes) 23.jpg (252470 bytes) 02.jpg (230368 bytes)
Jeff Kulczycki playing
his D2K creation
Miscellaneous pictures from the weekend


Miscellaneous footage from the morning of CAX 2007 Leslie Collins explains his CAX 2007 bus delay to Jeff Kinder
Leslie talks about Cobra Command, Steve Hertz and Billy Mitchell Brad O talks about Rockford not showing up for CAX 2007
Tony M. Victorino disrupts Guitar Hero Road Blaster footage from CAX 2007


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