The 3rd Annual D-L-P Gathering at Classic Gaming Expo 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada - August 10 & 11, 2002

Classic Gaming Expo 2002 was once again held at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year, CGE celebrated the 30th anniversary of Atari and the 20th anniversaries of the ColecoVision and the Vectrex gaming systems. Dragon's Lair creators, Don Bluth, Rick Dyer, Gary Goldman, and John Pomeroy were there to sign autographs and promote their upcoming game, Dragon's Lair 3D. Steven Hertz, Brad Oldham, and Shaun L. brought quite a few of their arcade games for everyone to enjoy. Many D-L-P-ers were on-hand for this year's show. Below are a few pictures from CGE 2002.


Steve's games arrive   Jeff and Dave unwrap
the games
  The guys discuss the
placement of games
Jeff, Dave, Ant, and Steve set the games in place   Jeff inspects the
Bega's Battle
Dave and Jen have
a few test games
  Steve Hertz, Jeff Kinder,
Morgan Beckman, and
Dave Hallock
  Rob DiNapoli,
Steve Hertz, and
Morgan Beckman
  Firefox, Bega's Battle,
and Cobra Command
Cliff Hanger,
Super Don Quix-ote,
and Galaxy Ranger
  Brad Oldham with
his Daphne cab
  Care to explain
this one, Steve?
  Whammy playing
Space Ace

Gary Goldman,
Rick Dyer, Don Bluth,
and John Pomeroy
  Dave Hallock   Anthony Gallagher   Warren Ondras and
chip Sbrogna
Rockford and
Leslie Collins
  Warren Ondras and
Jen Haven
  Dave Hallock and
Tony M. Victorino
Jeff, Jen, Dave, and Matt Jay and Laura Rob, Steve, and Anthony Warren, Brad,
Morgan, and chip

Back Row (From Left): Morgan Beckman, Anthony Gallagher, Steve Hertz
chip Sbrogna, Warren Ondras, Matt Ownby, Kevin Flynn
Front Row: Mitch Schleis, Rockford, Dave Hallock, Brad Oldham, Jeff Kinder

Camera Shy: Jay Gallagher, Rob DiNapoli


Tony M. Victorino
and his ultimate
Space Ace controller
Rob DiNapoli
at the controls
Leslie Collins and his
girlfriend talking with
chip after a perfect
game of Cliff Hanger
Gary Goldman, Rick Dyer,
Don Bluth, and John Pomeroy
Rick Dyer signing
Warren's Dragon's
Lair marquee
DLE 2.0 and Brad's
Daphne cab were
a big hit!
The main hall The AtariAge
One of the
console stations
Jeff, Jen, Matt,
and Dave at lunch



The awesome row of
laserdisc games
Jeff and Leslie on
Dragon's Lair and
Space Ace
  Brad, Matthew,
Kimberly, and Jen
Warren, Jeff, and Matt
listen in on chip's
Star Rider   Inter Stellar Galaxy Ranger Brad O's
Daphne Cab
Steve on the phone
with Firefox
Tech Support
Dragon's Lair
running DLE 2.0
The crew hits Subway
for some lunch
Robert Lloyd, Jeff,
Kimberly, and
Kimberly, Jen, Jay,
and Matthew
  Jen and Jay   Jeff found out that
Steve was hitting on
  Steve tries to make up
for it by hitting on Jeff
    People getting ready
for the Great
Dig Dug Drop
  Sad Jay after he
didn't win a prize



Rob DiNapoli with
Don Bluth
Steve Hertz with
Don Bluth
Jay Gallagher showing
Don Bluth his new
Matt playing
Super Don Quix-ote
Matt and Leslie discussing
Cobra Command
Leslie uses "The Force"
while playing
Cobra Command



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