Astron Belt is a laserdisc game created by Sega and manufactured by Bally/Midway in 1983. It uses video footage from the laserdisc and overlays computer graphics for your ship and lasers.

In Astron Belt, you fly through the universe battling alien ships, making your way to fight the main Alien Battle Cruiser. Along the way, you fly across alien planets, through tunnels, and through trenches, and you get involved in a few astro-dogfights with enemy space fighters. Sega/Bally/Midway later released a sequel to Astron Belt called Galaxy Ranger.



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1. Was Astron Belt the first laserdisc arcade game?

Yes    No   

2. Astron Belt "borrowed" Star Trek's 3D animation that demonstrated "The Genesis Project". This clip appears in which Star Trek movies?

Star Trek & Star Trek II
Star Trek II & III
Star Trek III & IV
Star Trek II, III, & IV


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