Bega's Battle is a laserdisc game released by Data East in 1983. Most of the scenes on the laserdisc are used for backgrounds only. They were taken from the cartoon "Harmagedon". Computer-generated graphics are overlaid on top for the game play. 

In Bega's Battle, you play a character named Bega. You must face the alien Varga who is trying to take over the Earth. You must defeat Varga to save the Earth from destruction. Other goals are to rescue your friends Luna, Jobe, and Sony. Once rescued, Luna gives you extra firepower, Jobe gives you the shield, and Sony gives you teleportation ability. 



Audio & Video files - Samples of the laserdisc content.
Cabinet Images - Pictures of the arcade game.
Flyer Images - Promotional material provided to game operators.
Tech Center - Information on the technical aspects of the game.

Why are there so few Bega's Battle machines in existence today?

Very few were made.
Many were converted to
      other games.
A large supply of them
      was destroyed by


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