Crime Patrol 2 is a laserdisc game created by American Laser Games in 1993. In this game, your mission is to apprehend Lopez the drug lord, take down his drug cartel, and destroy the lab where his drugs are processed. Your mission will take you through Sierra County, Chicago, down to the border, and then into South America. Throughout your journey, you will come into contact with some of the most violent criminals in America. Be prepared to "shoot to kill".



Audio & Video files - Samples of the laserdisc content.
Cabinet Images - Pictures of the arcade game.
Flyer Images - Promotional material provided to game operators.
Tech Center - Information on the technical aspects of the game.
ALG Info - Background info on American Laser Games and how they were created.

The man in the first image
on the left in the top row
is actually a real FBI agent.

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