Super Don Quix-ote is a laserdisc game released by Universal in 1984. The game play is similar to Dragon's Lair. You are a knight named Don. Your girlfriend, Isabella, has been captured by an evil witch who is holding her hostage. You have a sword for a weapon and a sidekick named Sancho. You must battle your way to the witch's hideout and save Isabella.

Super Don Quix-ote was the first game released in what was called the "Universal System 1" cabinet. Other laserdisc games that were in planning for release as conversion kits for this cabinet had the working titles: Time Slip, Wilderness Kingdom, Adventure in Middle Earth, Space Dracula, Circus Circus, and Adventure Mr. Do!, but none of these were released.




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Was Super Don Quix-ote the only laserdisc game released by Universal?

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