Steven Ozdemir - 6/1/1992

This is an article posted to the newsgroup by Steven Ozdemir way back in 1992.  For those of you who don't know, Steven is the founder of VAPS and the creator of great newsgroups such as RGVA, RGVAC, RGVAM.  This article gives hints and clues for solving Thayer's Quest.  Enjoy!

Thayer's Quest opens up with a choice to go to the Village of Weigard, the Eldridge Forest or The Haunted Waterfalls.  The waterfall area can be quickly dispensed of, since you can be healed at one location, another location kills you and a third location gives you a clue about how to release the Crystal of Lothar.  All other paths from the waterfall lead to other areas.  Similarly the Village of Weigard can be dispensed of.   Two locations give you hints about the Crystal Castle and the Guildhall, and the third location is the Guildhall where you will be killed.  There is a location between the Village of Weigard and the Eldridge Forrest where you are told about the Cold Fire in the marshes and the Golden Chalice is in Iscar.  The Eldridge Forest is much more complicated.  The Crystal Castle is located in the Forest, and their is a marsh near its border with Illes.   All in all, there must be a dozen locations to wander in!  The first task you must do is use the Cold Fire to kill the Land Weres that are on the path to the Crystal of Lothar.  Use the Spell of Release (which you start the game with) to get the Crystal.   Then take that and the Staff (which the Dryads give you when you enter Eldridge Forest for the first time) to a location in the forest where you hear Fairies singing.   Using the Spell of Seeing (which you start the game with) will let you give the Fairies the Staff, and they will show you the secret path to the Crystal Castle!   NOTE: I don't know if this is the location where you should be using the Spell of Seeing, but it seems best to me.  At the front of the Crystal Castle, you need to use the Crystal of Lothar  to destroy the Familiars, then enter the Crystal Castle.   Searching around the Crystal Castle will yield you the Black Mace, which I haven't figured out what its purpose is?   Once you have left the Crystal Castle, go to the marsh and go "Towards Mist", and you'll be in Illes!  Numerous death scenes exist in the Eldridge Forest, the Crystal Castle and the marshes, and I'm not going to describe them.  Note that the location in the Eldridge Forest where the Black Magician surprises you can be survived by "Slip Away"!

Once in Illes, you have many choices and the number of locations is many!  The Amazons in the Oasis, the People of the Dunes on the High Ground and the Thieves in the Rocky Area are only a few of the characters in Illes.  Salt Flats should be avoided, since the Traveling spell that you are forced to use will put you among the Thieves.  Both the Amazons and the People of the Dunes have useful items, but I haven't figured out how to get them????  I'd appreciate any pointers from someone who remembers how to get the Amazons to give up their precious Long Bow!  Off by the moving dunes, you'll see a large spiral structure called the Temple of Cibar, which supposedly holds the Scepter.  This Scepter can be used to get something from the Amazons or the People of the Dune, but I have yet to find this Scepter??  In the Desert Valley next to the Temple is a location to be healed.  If you follow the monk that heals you and then go to the "Hills", you will find Cloud Keep!  The god in Cloud Keep charges you with finding his Golden Chalice, and he will reward you with the Hunting Horn.  He will also teleport you to Iscar.  This is the only way to get to Iscar!  Ultimately in Iscar, you find the Golden Chalice, Hunting Horn, Blood Sword, among other items, but I can't say much since I haven't figured out how these items fit together.  All I can say is that if you follow the coast, you'll meet some Sea people with the Chalice.  Follow the coast some more, and you'll find your way back to Illes so you can trade the Chalice for the Hunting Horn!  You must do this within four minutes or the Cloud god will kill you!!  Hope you all enjoyed this!!  I'll try to get another one of these guides out when I figure more things out!!!

The quest is completed!  I finally found, played and finished Thayer's Quest, and I can say that playing the game was as fun as I remember.  I left off describing the game at the bridge between the Kingdom of Weigard near the marshes and the Kingdom of Illes by the desert.  Just like the Kingdom of Weigard, there are several section to the Kingdom of Illes.  The desert is on one side of Illes, Cloud Keep is on the other side and the Temple of Cibar and a monk who heals you is in the center!  The Kingdom of Illes has many death traps and several location where you can be wounded.  One location, called the Rocky Area, has bandits that steal everything you are carrying.   The Amazons of the Oasis, the People of the Dune and the Elements of the Salt flat are the three main locations in the desert in Illes.  None of these locations seem particularly friendly, and only the Amazons will let you pass unharmed, but unless you have the Scepter they will not give you the Long Bow you need.  The Elements will wound you, if you don't use the Crystal or the Cold Fire (both items can be found in the Kingdom of Weigard).  The people of the Dunes kill you unless you can produce the Scepter!  To get the Scepter, you need to pass through the Oasis, go to the Salt flats, defeat the Elements, and go to the Temple of Cibar by selecting "Hills".  The priests should come out of the Temple bearing the Scepter you need to later to get the Long Bow from the Amazons and safely pass the People of the Dunes.  Unfortunately, most times that I've been to the Temple of Cibar (either through using the above sequence of choices or by going through some round about way), the priests do not come out of the Temple.  Going into the Temple and searching is a complete waste of time.  The one sure fire way to get the priests to come out of the Temple is to head straight to the Temple from the start of the game.  You'll be wounded by the Elements, because you can only throw the Cold Fire at them that you picked up along the way, but that's OK.  Just go to the Desert Valley and have the monk there heal you.

The Temple of Cibar is a waste of time and has several death traps.   You need to get past the Temple and go to Cloud Keep, which is the bridge to the next Kingdom, the Kingdom of Iscar.  You'll be able to use the Long Bow there.   Once you enter the Cloud Keep, you come face to face with the Cloud god, and he sends you on a "mini-quest" to get his Golden Chalice back.  He'll offer you the Hunting Horn in return, and if you don't get the Chalice back to him within four minutes, then you'll be killed.  The Cloud god will offer to teleport you to any of the Kingdoms to get the Golden Chalice, and you need to go to Iscar to find it.  Note that if you find your way back to the Cloud god without the Chalice, he'll offer to teleport you again.  In the Kingdom of Iscar stick to the coast whenever you have that choice, and keep in mind that the Black Keep is on the coast.  If you hesitate in front of the Black Keep for more than a second the Black Magician that you've seen at various points in the game will appear and kill you!  At some point you'll run into the Sea People, who will give you the Golden Chalice.  Continue along the coast, and you'll find a path back to Illes, where you can exchange the Chalice for the Hunting Horn at Cloud Keep.  Note that the four minute timer stops when you exchange the items and you don't have to worry about dying at the hands of the Cloud god.  Once you have the Long Bow and the Hunting Horn, then you are ready to proceed to Iscar and forget about Illes.  Have the Cloud god teleport you to Iscar... don't worry about having another mini-quest put upon you.  Once the Cloud god gets the Chalice he's quite happy to help you.

In Iscar, there are MANY locations, but just like the other two Kingdoms they can be grouped into the Ruins, the Coast and the Palace.  I should note that inland from the Coast and the Palace is the Hedge Maze where you'll use the Long Bow to get the Orb of Quoid.  Shoot the bow at the first scene of the Hedge Maze and you'll be lead into it to where the Orb of Quoid is.  Then take the Wide Path out to the Ruins.  At the Ruins, you'll be able to use the Orb of Quoid to get the Pentacle Coins.  Then you go to the Black Keep along the Coast...remember not to hesitate at the entrance or the Black Magician will appear and kill you.  In the Black Keep, green Serpent Men will attack you, but if you blow the Hunting Horn then they will disappear.  Go into the Tower door of the Black Keep and you'll find the Blood Sword.  You'll need it to harvest the Silver Wheat later.  Now go through the Magic Door and you'll save yourself some wandering about, because you'll appear in front of the Palace.  Go into the Palace and give the guy with the crown the Pentacle Coins.  He'll let you go (instead of killing you like he usually does) and the secret passage he shows you leads to the Last Battlefield.  Use the Blood Sword to harvest the Silver Wheat here.  Finally take the Silver Wheat to the mountains behind the Ruins and you'll meet a man with an axe guarding a bridge.  Use the Silver Wheat to pay the "toll", and cross the bridge.

On the other side you'll meet Sorsabal, the ultimate bad guy.   He'll throw a fireball at you, which you can deflect back at him with the Black Mace.  (You can get the Black Mace in the Crystal Castle back in the Kingdom of Weigard.)  At this point the game ends.  The ending seems as premature when you are playing it as it sounds reading about the ending here.  At a dozen locations in the game, you are given hints about the Kingdom of the Far Reaches and the Kingdom of Shadoan where you are suppose to meet the Black Magician and Sorsabal.  The man with the Axe even refers to the Kingdom of the Far Reaches being on the other side of the bridge??!!  The final instructions before the game ends is 'Turn over the disk', however there is nothing on the other side of the disc!!  I've heard it many times on r.g.v.arcade and r.g.v.classic through the years, that no other Thayer's Quest disc was never made, so there is no other side of the disc to flip to and no other disc exists to be put in.


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