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Inter Stellar Zangus - According to "BZ", the kit is an 11 ROM swap with some separate fuses for the Inter Stellar Laser Fantasy board set (not a separate dedicated board set like Esh's Aurunmilla), laserdisc, control panel, marquee, two side art decals, monitor bezel, and manual.

The game consists of both animated/cartoon sequences as well as CGI backgrounds similar to the original Inter Stellar Laser Fantasy game.

After inserting a coin, the scene shifts to a little boy (pictured on the flyer) sitting in his bedroom at a drafting table staring off into the distance. He appears bored, so he begins sketching a spaceship as well as three little characters (also on the flyer) onto a sheet of paper. Immediately after he finishes the sketch of the three characters, they pop off the page and come to life. The shortest character begins erasing the spaceship and redrawing it with the tallest character. Much to the boy's surprise, he shrinks to their size and gets sucked into the spaceship on the paper.

The piece of paper with the spaceship blows out the bedroom window and onto a CGI background similar to the original Laser Fantasy game. It disappears in a flash, at which point it is surmised that a spaceship graphic generated by the ROM would then appear in the foreground over the laserdisc background image.

At the end of each CGI level, there are intermittent animated sequences where the spaceship lands in terrible disrepair of all different types. The little characters come marching onto the screen, erase the damaged area of the spaceship, and redraw it, which repairs the ship before it takes flight in the next level.

Two or three of the levels are identical to the original Laser Fantasy game, but all other levels are different.

Below are pictures of the promotional flyer, laserdisc, and marquee.

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