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Cosmos Circuit - Not much information is available on this game. It looks like a space futuristic race game developed as a conversion kit for Laser Grand Prix machines. There was a home version of it for the MSX Palcom system. Below is a picture of the promotional flyer and a series of pics coming directly from Taito archives.


Cosmos Circuit flyer translation
This is the 3rd Taito laserdisc game in which you can experience the space driving with fantastic computer graphics!
How to play
This is a space driving game which takes place on 4 planets whose names are EXA ,PETA ,TERA and GIGA
Turn on the ignition key, take the engine to full throttle on the neutral position and shift to the low gear at the same time when the eye of the robot signal becomes red. Your machine will start at that time.
Shift-up when the speed meter reaches 2/3 of the maximum speed and make your machine speed up.
The player's machine runs with its jet blinking. You can drive the machine to the right and left with your handle. Your machine will be pushed back with fire sparks when you hit the shoulders.
Your machine will be crushed when you hit the enemies.
You can shoot Cosmo Missiles with your foot switch.
The enemies will appear from your front or back. The enemies will disappear when you pass them. You can see the enemy approaching to you from your back with your back monitor.
Enemies will be out of order and stop on the road when you shoot them with your missiles. Your machine will be crushed if you hit the stopped enemy. You can't get more points even if you shoot the stopped enemies, so shooting them is not desirable.
You can avoid enemies to pass your car with your handling.
In PETA course, if you choose the right warp tunnel, electric waves will appear on the course and it will be harder to handle and brake.
In TERA course, if you choose the left warp tunnel, a giant meteor will fly over to your car. If you hit it, your car will be crushed.
During your play, you will see space bats trying to stop your car. You can get higher score if you avoid them or shoot them with cosmo missiles. If you hit them, your car will be crushed.
There is a minimum necessary rank to clear the course. You cannot clear each course if you cannot get the minimum necessary rank.
When the count becomes 00, a message TIME IS UP will be displayed and the GAME will be OVER.


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