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Hi-Tech Card Installation Instructions

Step 1:

Remove the four #6-32 nuts that hold the ROM card in place.  Set the four nuts aside.

Step 2:

Replace the nuts with the four standoffs included with the card.

Step 3:

Place the conversion card on the standoffs as shown.

Step 4:

Using the nuts you set aside, tighten down the conversion card.

Step 5:

Plug your player interface ribbon cable onto the conversion card as shown.

Step 6:

Lock the cable in place using the bail lock clips as shown.

Step 7:

Plug in the power supply.  Be sure that the plug is fully seated.
Click Here for alternate power options for commercial use.

Step 8:

Plug in the interface cable that is included with the kit into the conversion card.

Step 9:

Be sure to tighten the cable onto the connector due to the fact that the cable will hang down when installed in your Dragon's Lair game.

Step 10:

All Sony LDP players have a courtesy receptacle in the back that we will use to power the conversion card.  Plug in the power supply as shown.

Step 11:

Plug the other end of the interface cable into the back of your Sony LDP player.  Be sure the player's baud rate is set to 9600*.
(Sony LDP-2000 shown)

The card is completely installed.  All you have to do now is put your mainboard back into the cabinet, hook up your audio and video, and plug in the Sony player**.

* The Baud rate is selected by flipping the baud rate DIP switches on the back of the Sony player.  Locate the bank of four DIP switches on the back of your player.  For all players other than the LDP-2000, set switches 1,2,3 down and 4 up.  On the LDP-2000, set switches 1,2,3 up and 4 down.  Also note that the LDP-1450 has another bank of six switches.  These switches must all be set in the down position.

** The Sony player can be plugged into a power strip along with the game cabinet or directly into the wall, but the best way to power it is through the cabinet harness like the original player was.  You can splice in the player's power cord or construct a power adapter.  A Sony Power Adapter is also available for sale.  The adapter is not required and the conversion will function the same without it.


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