Casino Strip Virtual Library - Images and information on the major components

Casino Strip - Owners Manual - Not available
Casino Strip - il Manuale (Italy) (12 pages)
Casino Strip - Schematics - Not available
Casino Strip - Service Notice (1 page)

Casino Strip - DIP Switch Settings
 There is one bank of four DIP switches on the main game board.
 The first three switches are not used and should stay in the OFF position.
 The fourth switch controls the backup memory of the game (ON = game keeps its settings; OFF = no memory).

Casino Strip - Game Settings (On-Screen Programming)
 Press the TEST BUTTON inside the coin door.
 Use the SELECT BUTTON to choose between the options and the PLAY BUTTON to confirm.
 Press the TEST BUTTON again to exit.

I Poker cs_1_spp (Pioneer) 1984 / Status Yolanda, Daisy, Jeri, Eric, Samantha, Lisa, Sam, Sue
II Poker cs_2_sps (Sony) 1988 / Status Brenda, Virginia, Duke, Stacy, Tammy, Muffy, Frank, Major
III Poker cs_3_qps (Sony) 1992 / Quantum Coquete, Dunby, Cynthia, Burt, The Dee, Tina, Lou, Phil
V Poker cs_5_spp (Pioneer) 1985 / Status Joey, Delores, Sabrina, Gigi, Tina, Rita, Anthony, Roberta
cs_5_ssgp (Pioneer) 1985 / Status
VI Shooting
cs_6_ssgp (Pioneer) 1985 / Status Elizabeth, Robin, Erin, Mi Ling, Cynthia, Mike, Frankie, Cookie
VII     1985 / Status Baker, Rita, Anthony, Joey, Mike, Frankie, Robin, Rando
VIII Shooting
cs_8_ssgp (Pioneer) 1986 / Status Fifi, Steve, Diana, Grace, Susie, Joe, June, Felicia (Pool)
Poker cs_8_sps (Sony) 1988 / Status
IX Poker cs_9_qps (Sony) 1992 / Quantum Amber, Lorily, Danny, Alexis, Ashley, Chavuan, Damian, Sabel
X     1986 / Status Steve, Lorily, Danny, Nick, Felicia, Damian, Jacques, Joe
XI Shooting
cs_11_ssgp (Pioneer) 1988 / Status Tasha, Nancy, Roxanne, Pete, Muffy, Suzy, Wendy, Pat
Poker cs_11_sps (Sony) 1988 / Status
Poker cs_11_sps2 (Sony) 1988 / Status
XII     1988 / Status Mary (the maid), Jade East (the geisha), Superbabe (the wonder doll),
Eddie (the rocker), Penny (the police woman), Kalika (the hula girl),
Barbie (the bar maid), Bernard (the butler)
The Laser Shuffle        
Private Eyes / All Stars Poker cs_pe_qps (Sony) 1996 / Quantum Adair, Grace, Princes, Diana, Friend, Chrissy, Raven, Hot !
Vivid 1 Poker cs_vvd1_qps (Sony) 1993 / Quantum Nikki, Erica, Marc, Haya
Vivid 2        



Compatible Laserdisc Players
Depending on the type of laserdisc player interface daughterboard mounted in the cabinet, the game could run with the following players:
- Pioneer LD-V1000 or LD-V1001 - for all early games that use Pioneer players (parallel interface board)
- Sony LDP-1450, LDP-1550, LDP-2000, LDP-3600D, and compatibles - for all newer games that use Sony players (serial interface board)
The ROMs on the main game board must match the disc content and the type of interface/laserdisc player used. In order to change between Pioneer and Sony players, the ROMs and the laserdisc player interface board must also be replaced.

Pioneer LD-V1000 - Operating Instructions (7 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Interface Guide (24 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Service Manual (81 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Provisional Service Manual (27 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Cleaning the Optics (3 pages)
Pioneer LD-V1000 - Changing the Laser Tube (3 pages)
Sony LDP-1450 - Operating Instructions (19 pages)
Sony LDP-1450 - Service Manual (98 pages)
Sony LDP-2000/2100/2200 - Operating Instructions (23 pages)
Sony LDP-xxxx - Command Set Info

Aftermarket Conversion Cards - Various Laserdisc Player Conversion Products have been developed over the years to allow replacement/upgrade of the laserdisc player.



The game uses an on-board 3.6V battery to store the game credits and settings. If the battery is low or bad, these settings can become corrupted and the game may not boot. To recover from this situation, move the fourth DIP switch on the main board to the OFF position, and then turn on the game. This will clear any garbage in the game's non-volatile memory. If the battery is bad, you will need to replace it (and possibly clean acid residuals from the board). When the battery is OK, move the fourth DIP switch back to the ON position, and reset the game settings to go back to normal operation.

Status Game Corp (USA, 1984)
Quantum Industries (USA, 1992)

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