Freedom Fighter Virtual Library - Images and information on the major components

Freedom Fighter - Operation and Service Manual / Schematics - 1st Edition (43 pages)
Freedom Fighter - PIF board schematic - Reverse-engineered in 2015 - Download CAD files
Freedom Fighter - Game Settings (On-Screen Programming)

Freedom Fighter - ROM Images (Dedicated) (Revision 1.7)
Freedom Fighter - ROM Images (Dedicated) (Revision 1.8)
Freedom Fighter - ROM Images (Star Rider Conversion)
Freedom Fighter - ROM Image (Alternate PIF U3 ROM)



Compatible Laserdisc Player - Philips 22VP931

Philips 22VP931 - Service Manual (51 pages)
Philips LaserVision Deck - Service Manual (10 pages)
Philips 22VP931 - Command Set

Aftermarket Laserdisc Player Replacement - Pending - The compatibility/status chart posted for the Dexter Laserdisc Replacement slates it to become the first laserdisc player substitution for Freedom Fighter.



Laserdisc Player Repair Guide - For information on cleaning and repairing the Philips 22VP931, check out the Firefox Laserdisc Player Repair Guide authored by Doug Jefferys for Firefox games.

PIF Board Replacement - In 2015, Matt Ownby reverse-engineered Freedom Fighter's PIF board, creating CAD files that can be used to fabricate a new replacement PCB.  Download the Freedom Fighter PIF Replacement CAD files.






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(USA, 1987)

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