Time Traveler is a laserdisc game manufactured by Sega in 1991.  It was created by Rick Dyer, who also created Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and Thayer's Quest.  Being the world's first "holographic" video game, it was quite popular, grossing more than $18 million since its release.

In Time Traveler, your name is Marshall Graham.  Your mission is to travel through time to reach the year 2552.  You start out in the year 1873, and go forward and backwards through time, coming face to face with some of the Earth's deadliest enemies.  Once you reach the year 2552, you must locate Bolcor and prevent the fabric of time in the universe from being ripped apart by Bolcor's evil experiment.





Audio & Video files - Samples of the laserdisc content.
Cabinet Images - Pictures of the arcade game.
Flyer Images - Promotional material provided to game operators.
Easter Eggs - See some of the things the programmers left in the game.
Tech Center - Information on the technical aspects of the game.

Creator, Rick Dyer can be seen in the game Time Traveler.

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