Goal to Go Virtual Library - Images and information on the major components

Goal to Go - Installation and Operation Manual (26 pages)
Goal to Go - Conversion Kit for Cliff Hanger Installation and Operation Manual (6 pages)
Cliff Hanger / Goal to Go - Schematics (11 pages) - PAGE 9 IS AN UPDATED REVISION OF PAGE 8
Goal to Go - DIP Switch Settings

Goal to Go - ROM Images



Compatible Laserdisc Players - Pioneer PR-8210, Pioneer PR-8210-A*, Pioneer LD-1100*

* The Pioneer PR-8210-A and the Pioneer LD-1100 laserdisc players are not original to Goal to Go. To see how to use them as alternates, see the LD Conversion for Cliff Hanger. For more information on how the PR-8210 communicates with the game, check out the PR-8210 / PR-8210-A page.

Pioneer PR-8210 - Operating Instructions (26 pages)
Pioneer PR-8210 - Service Manual Supplement (6 pages)
Pioneer PR-8210 - Command Set Info
Pioneer PR-8210-A - Service Manual (118 pages)
Pioneer LD-1100 - Operating Instructions (19 pages)
Pioneer LD-1100 - Service Manual Supplement 1 (54 pages)

Aftermarket Conversion Cards - Various Laserdisc Player Conversion Products have been developed over the years to allow replacement/upgrade of the laserdisc player.



Interchangeability - Cliff Hanger can be played in a Goal to Go cabinet by changing the disc and the ROMs. There is also a conversion kit that allows Cobra Command to be played in a Goal to Go cabinet. This kit came with a dedicated Cobra Command PCB and also a laserdisc controller PCB to allow operation with the PR-8210, and it requires an adapter for the wiring harness.




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